Fall & Winter

If you crave peaceful solitude or would prefer to experience the Canadian Rocky Mountains away from even the smallest crowd, then you need to spend some time in Waterton Lakes National Park during our quieter months. In fact, there is a surprising number of things to do in Waterton in the fall and winter months.

There is really no better place to take in all that Waterton Lakes, Alberta has to offer during this serene time of year than our sister hotel, Waterton Glacier Suites. They offer guests cozy comfort, luxurious style and excellent service 12 months of the year.

Fall & Winter

Autumn in Waterton

This is our favorite time of year! During the fall, the days are still long and often unseasonably warm in Waterton. The landscape takes on brilliant new colours as it transitions into a new season, bringing a whole new face and flavour to this stunning mountain park. Thousands of migratory birds pass through the park at the changing of the seasons. Black bear, mule deer, elk and Big Horns are very visible at this time of year as they prepare for the long winter ahead. Fall is also mating season for deer and elk, so you can often get a good look at striking males with fully grown antlers and glossy coats.

It is the perfect time of year for fishing on serene mountain lakes and quiet trails await hikers or mountain biking enthusiasts of almost any skill level. Fall is the ideal time for a Rocky Mountain getaway in Waterton Lakes, Alberta.

Just a few of the things to do in Waterton during the Autumn months include:

Winter in Waterton

During the winter months, Waterton takes on an entirely new and deeply peaceful personality.  Blanketed in snow, the Park offers cross country skiers miles and miles of undisturbed terrain and adrenalin junkies are drawn to one-of-a-kind ice climbing activities.

Wildlife is still abundant during the winter months, with everything from mule deer to Big Horn sheep, massive herds of elk to river otter cavorting in (or on) the lake.

Just a few of the things to do in Waterton during the winter months include:

Whether you prefer the outdoor adventure that Waterton Lakes offers during this gloriously quiet season or would like to stay indoors with a great book, Waterton Glacier Suites offers a cozy winter haven, with Jacuzzi tubs and fireplaces in every suite. They are open year round!

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